High-performance Processor/Recorder

Executive Summary
A customer needed a very high bandwidth data recorder alongside data processing engine. Galleon was able to provide a solution with an innovative combination of products providing a considerable weight and cost saving compared to original customer expectations.

The program for a MALE UAV required long-duration high bandwidth recording, alongside the need for deep data processing, with a tight constraint for size, weight, and power.

Alternative data recorders with sufficient capacity were too large/heavy for the application. Products with combined processing and recording in a single box were too large and too costly.

How product helped
The Galleon solution was a combination of the XSR sFPDP recorder and the XSR Mission Computer fitted with a high performance Quad-core processor and embedded Ethernet switch. By combining the processor and Ethernet switch into a single small size/weight unit, Galleon was able to provide a SWaP-C optimized mission computer.

The XSR sFPDP recorder fitted with the 8TB RDM and encryption/erase functionality easily provided all the bandwidth and capacity requirements as a low-risk COTS standard product.

Results and future plans
By using Galleon equipment, the customer met their overall project goals, despite components elsewhere on the platform being over budget for weight and cost.

Market desirability for this surveillance solution is now very strong.

Diagram for High Performance Processor Recorder

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