Quad 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface

TheTitan Quad 10GbE XMC offers high-performance Ethernet for a wide range of applications. Based on the latest Intel XL710 (Fortville) 10GbE Controller, the Titan Quad-channel 10GbE XMC supports IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), making it suitable for time-critical applications. The XL710 offers the latest UDP, TCP, and IP checksum offload.

The board can be fitted with up to four rugged front panel connectors, or recessed rugged optical connectors for easy in-box optical cabling in conduction-cooled environments. These are 10GBASE-SR connectors and the interfaces use 850nm multi-mode fiber connections. Rear I/O connections support one port 10GBASE-KX4 (or XAUI) through P16. The Titan Quad-port 10GbE XMC is available in both air-cooled and conduction-cooled variants to fit a wide range of single-board computers (SBCs) in CPCI, VME or VPX form factor. An x8 PCI Express Gen2 host interface capable of running 2.5GT/s and 5.0GT/s ensures high bandwidth to the host.

An optional PCI Express card edge adapter offers easy integration in standard desktop systems for nonrugged applications and software development. The Titan Quad Gigabit Ethernet board ships with both Linux and Windows software drivers.

Galleon Embedded Computing’s quality management system is certified to Aerospace Standard AS/EN 9100 and ISO 9001.

Key Features
• 4 channel optical 10GbE
• Gen 2 PCIe x8 (5GT/s) host interface
• Rugged optical duplex LC or rear I/O 10GbE interfaces
• Windows and Linux drivers

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Quad 10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface