Testing & Environmental Qualification

Test Systems

Modern integrated systems have many diverse interfaces that must all operate simultaneously as required when the system is deployed and running the target application. To ensure correct operation, we develop customised functional test systems that continuously stimulate, test and verify all interfaces in parallel, mirroring the target application. Such test systems are used for system development, production testing and environmental qualification.

Environmental Qualification

For programs that require environmental qualification, we have extensive experience testing systems against a variety of standards including but not restricted to MIL-STD, VG, DIN, IEC, ISO etc.

Test campaigns are customised according to individual customer requirements and executed at one of our local test houses close to Munich. Examples:

- Temperature & Humidity
- Liquids (e.g. IP testing)
- Sand & Dust
- Vibration & Shock (also using customised curves as required).
- Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing (including lightning)

A Galleon developed functional test system operates continuously during test execution to verify all system interfaces behave as expected under deployed target application load and any issues are immediately detected.