SYSGO, RTI, ENSCO and Concurrent Technologies have collaborated to deliver an integrated, ITAR free, certifiable FACE compliant demonstration platform for Avionics.

XSR Tactical Secure Server Product Launch.

Galleon Embedded Computing is proud to announce their new ground vehicle computer, the XSR Tactical Secure Server. A server specifically engineered for tactical military vehicles, the XSR TSS meets the rugged requirements for the most severe environmental conditions without compromising performance, functionality, or reliability. Equipped with removable storage supported by dual-layer Data-at-rest encryption, the XSR Tactical Secure Server ensures consistent and secure data management.

With the latest 9th generation Intel® Xeon® E and Xeon® D processor options, the XSR-TSS offers up to 16 CPU cores and 128Gb SDRAM with ECC. Its flexible architecture can provide the modern warfighter with advanced I/O, cutting-edge processing power, and ultra-high storage density. Housed in a SWaP-optimized design, the XSR TSS is protected by one of the most rugged and deployable mobile platforms available.

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